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Sebastian Carigo

Art Director – Graphic Designer – Illustrator 

'The future belongs to those, who dare to shape it.'




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BILLA Burger

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Farmer Portraits

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Oracle meets SKY



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Martin Schulz – SPD

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Don Julios

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who he?

I am a Vienna based Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Art Director.


Right after my Bachelors degree in Graphic Design at the Werbeakademie I moved to Hamburg for 3 years and worked in different advertising agencies like Wire or KNSK. After Hamburg I had the opportunity to move to London. I worked there as a freelancer after I started as a lead designer at AHMM, one of the biggest architecture firms in London. Since 2018 I am back in Vienna and worked as Freelancer as well as Senior Art Director at rosenberg-GP.

what does
he do?

Graphic Design – Art Direction – Illustration

Whether you are looking for graphic design support or a creative mind to

take your concepts to the next level, my intention is always to create something unique. I attempt to bring colorful graphic design and bold storytelling together. 

I offer a wide range of skills from small animations to different illustration styles. In my 6 years of experience I had the pleasure of working for clients like Mercedes, Geberit bathrooms, Generali Group, Amazon and many more. 

As a freelancer I am happy to work in-house, however, I can always adjust my schedule when working remotely.


Enough of the boring stuff. You probably want to know what really drives me.

I am a travel addict and obsessed with good food. I love cooking, watching good movies & TV shows and discover new music and crazy

stuff from the internet.


My baby though is the clothing brand I started with my wife and my little brother. We established Monarchy of Bliss in June 2018 and it basically combines all the things I love. Food, Travel and having a good time.

if you want to work with me or just give me a high5 why don't you drop me a line___

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